Watch HBO's Game of Thrones on your iPad

Watch your favorite shows
No matter Where you are

Watch and record real broadcast TV


You already pay for it. Now get your money’s worth. Put your cable in the cloud for free with NimbleTV and take it with you anywhere in the world.

Limitless recording with HD-DVR


Don’t have an existing cable subscription? Select a Nimble Pro Plan and a concierge will set you up with your own customized TV package.

No hardware necessary

No Hardware Required

All you need is a modern browser. It works on PC's, Tablets, Smartphones and TV's via Roku or AppleTV with AirPlay.

No installation required

DVR, Reinvented

No sign up or installation pains. Fresh content in a great UI with no playback constraints, all at a great price.

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Business travelers watch from any country

TV that follows you

Business Travelers

NimbleTV offers 24/7 access to linear TV and unlimited DVR recording. Subscribers never miss their favorite shows, even when they're on the road.

Expats watch TV from home

TV that follows you


Now expats can watch the same TV as family and friends back home. NimbleTV provides access to select regional programming from anywhere in the world.

Cable haters get world class support

TV that follows you

Cable Haters

NimbleTV offers world-class, 24/7 customer service and none of the setup or maintenance hassles that come with traditional cable companies. With NimbleTV, new subscriptions take hours to set up, not weeks.

Cord cutters and cord shavers

TV that follows you

Cord Cutters

NimbleTV gives tech savvy TV lovers a pure software, internet-delivered TV alternative with no access restrictions or hardware clutter.

Share NimbleTV with your family

TV that follows you


NimbleTV is less expensive, more flexible and easier to manage than multi-room cable and DVR setups.

College students watch TV from home

TV that follows you

College Students

Students can use their family's paid home cable subscription to access content no matter where campus is located.